Top Web Design Ideas to Implement Before 2019

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Top Web Design Ideas to Implement Before 2019

The success of your digital marketing and branding efforts is hinged by your ability to keep up with web design trends. When it comes to web design, there’s always something new regarding algorithm, visuals, and even best practices. Remember the issue of GDPR? Who knows what you are going to deal with in another 12 months. That’s how fluid the web design niche could be.

  1. It Takes Just 3 Seconds

Whatever impression you want to make on your customer to make them look further can only be done in three seconds. Your visitors are humans; they are quite impatient and flighty. No one will wait for minutes to see the beautiful interface of your website. You have to do all it takes to make it beautiful, fast and smooth.

Hint: Google Speed Update came into effect in July 2018 and it gives attention to fast websites. Expect more in 2019.

  1. Mobile First

Take a look at the visits to your website, compare the data of mobile visitors to those visiting from a PC. Desktop visit is fast becoming a fraction of access from mobile devices. This has been the trend since 2015, and it is going to even get better in 2019.

Hint: Mobile Optimized Websites Get Indexed Faster Than Desktop Optimized Content.

  1. Asymmetrical Layouts

Web design is now moving towards outside of the box. Broken grids and asymmetrical layouts are in vogue now. Don’t be left behind as everyone is moving towards it in 2019.

Hint: Unusual layouts usually capture the attention of visitors, they are interested in seeing more.

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