Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Will Become More Important in 2019

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Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Will Become More Important in 2019

The development in smartphones technology is gradually changing the manner through which individuals make use of the computer devices from what used to be an immovable table-stuck device to one which put the world right in your palm. International trading today; not only defy geographical limitations, but also that of time and service delivery. Web designers, branding firms and agencies, digital marketing companies, large organisations among others now today interact and interrelate between and among themselves; as well as with the outside community and their leads through the mobile technological aided platform at the centre of which is the social media. The social media had today been a very important medium of establishing and exchanging information in and around the world via the mobile technology. It not only changes the world of business conduct with its promotion of e-commerce, but also promoting e-marketing.

Below are five reasons why the social media marketing would become even more important in the coming year 2019: –

  • Accessibility and Affordability

The social media; aside being a trend for global communication, is also transforming itself to an indispensable tool for youths’ existence. The 2018 Pew Research Centre survey of the US further established the importance of the social media today with a whopping 78% of 18-24 years being active Snapchat users, 71% for Instagram and 45% for twitter respectively. In a similar vein, more than half of the US adults affirm to constant use of social media, Facebook being most pronounced. What this however suggests is that marketing via the social media platform; aside exposing the product to a large retinue of leads, is also affordable to use. It requires no computer system to operate, just a cheaper internet enabled mobile phone.

  • Cost Effectiveness and Ease of Communication

Advertisement in the days of print, visual and radio mediums is in no doubt a very expensive activity to engage into. Today, such had been replaced by a far more cost effective and extensive one as enabled by the social media which aside promoting an ease of communication, also require little or no cost to operate.

  • Timely Response to Inquiries to Enhance Brand Loyalty

Social media messages pop up on demand; thereby enabling the marketing industry or department to respond to requests and complaints as they come. Mobile technology had made proximity to information and responses lot easier.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

When companies interact consistently with their leads, the possibility of sale is quite higher than what is applicable from a one way interaction as previous marketing mediums simply suggests. Social media marketing enhances sales from business leads way better than any other medium.

  • Increased In-bound Traffic and Better Search Engine Ranking

For every single person you meet on the social media, there is a possibility of at least ten new contacts thereby promoting in-bound traffic. Mobile sites and social media enabled pages also rank better on search engines.

It is one thing to own a social media account as a business, it is another thing to get the best out of it; and that is why the services and expertise of Speak Louder Media is must sought for successful social media marketing.

Speak Louder Media knows the game well, we can help you improve your branding, website and give you a voice on social media.

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