5 Trends That Will Shape Web Designing In 2019

5 Trends That Will Shape Web Designing In 2019

The age of internet is a continuum. Just like brands of clothing that come in trends, the website design sphere also changes. The past 365 days had witnessed a monumental change in the web design trending world in term of visuals, algorithm updates as well as adherence to best practices. What used to be sleek, modern and best designed website of today; just like designs of structures and edifices, would never rank anywhere close to modernity tomorrow, same way the modern ones of yesterday had been rendered obsolete today. Below are thus 5 trends that would dominate the web design world in 2019: –

  1. Speed and Response Time: – as the world evolve; such is the greater importance individuals attach to time. Gone are the days of waiting so long to get a web page to load. Outcome of study by Akamai and Gomez.com had confirmed the fact that a whopping 50% of internet surfers expect a site to load in less than three seconds, aside which they could be forced to reverse the action and never to visit the site ever again. A web designer must avoid a data-heavy design that weigh down the internet and take too long to download as such could lead to revenue loss and cause the site to rank low on Google, especially with the newly introduced Google Speed Update that came into effect in July, 2018. Speed will in 2019 be among the most important trends that the web designing world would experience. 
  2. Mobile first web design: – the introduction of smart phones had over the time established mobile as a preferred touch point to desktop. This trend however did not pass without recognition from Google which now prioritize mobile sites on its index list ahead of desktop ones. In the coming year 2019, web designers would place more emphasis on the development f mobile sites to enable them access an increased pool of web surfers and within a limited time. 
  3. Broken Grid or Asymmetrical Layout: – despite the persistent push for an adherence to that kind of flat, fast and minimalist designs; the innovative and fresh striking look of a broken layout is today emerging as that trend that could strive in the coming year to displace out rightly the existing order owing to the great attention it enjoys from the retinue of web designers in recent time. 
  4. Micro Animations: – this is an intuitive and innovative way of enhancing user experience as they browse through your website. Aside it serving a guide to users as they make use of your web page, it also creates in them the assurance that they are on the right track of event. Such micro animation experience on web pages includes the change in a button color or an expansion in the menu when such comes into contact with the cursor. This trend could in 2019 be among the major hot cake all website designers would love to fix into. 
  5. Chat bots and Machine Learning: – over the past few years, interaction with bots had made users-owners interaction far lot easier and faster, especially with the improvement in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is but a trend that would last for many years to come.

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