Top 4 Reasons Why Your Branding Efforts Are Ineffective

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Branding Efforts Are Ineffective

Branding is a unique way of setting your product distinct from that of your competitors. It could be likened to the process of separating the wheat from the shaft in the business world of today. Your brand is to your business as the curriculum vitae and cover letter is to a job seeker; it speaks for your business before the actual contact with your product. Quality branding brings sale while the opposite produce a reverse result. Forever weaning branding exercise, there is re-branding which suggests a tactical means of reproducing the same thing with a unique look geared towards sparking a renewed interest in the mind of potential customers for the product or services being newly introduced. Promoting a sales enticing branding is an age long challenge that had inhibited the success of many factories and industries, and below are some of the factors for which their numerous branding and re-branding efforts had failed in the past: –

  1. Bad/Poor Product: – no amount of packaging could erase an existing fact of a bad product or service delivery. Producers often arrogate the issue of branding to their own effort of making something presentable for the public consumption, forgetting the feedback role of the public on its perception of the good or services being packaged out. If the product or service is considered to be of lower standard in comparison to that of your competitors, it would take the effort of a special re-branding and a proven improvement in the quality of the product or services being rendered to change the public perception about the brand.

  2. Over Marketing: – this could be a strange lexicon, especially to one that knows the importance of marketing to the success of a business. Food and drinks are pleasurable, but too much of such is harmful; same is the case of marketing. In the process of sensitizing the public about the newly introduced brand, the marketing department must avoid the mistake of it degenerating into an over-marketed one. Over marketing could undervalue a newly introduced brand thereby making it to appear like any other brand that had been on circulation.

  3. Increased and Superior Competition: – in the presence of an intensified and superior branding effort from the competitors of a product, a company’s brand value might become proliferated within the market. The presence of many branding efforts might make it quite difficult for the public to take note so easily of the presence of a newly introduced kind of brand. If such brand much be made to weather such storm, then it must assume a strategic marketing style distinct from what has been known to the public; which can then create for it some sort of special attention.

  4. Unclear Brand Messages: – every branding effort do come with a unique message. At a point for Pepsi, it was “dare for more”, just like the recent “just do it” by Nike. In the process that the message being conveyed by a particular brand is too vague to make any reasonable sense to its target market, such branding effort might be a failure on arrival.

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